Ignite Your Sparkle - 1:1 Coaching


Ignite Your Sparkle - 1:1 Coaching


What would it mean for you to KNOW that you…

  • Have EXACTLY what it takes

  • Deserve an abundance of self care

  • Are NOT a hot mess

  • Will meet the man who sweeps you off your feet

  • Are supported

  • Are NOT on your own

  • Have kind and loving friends who genuinely care for you

Confidence isn’t determined by what you have or can obtain. It’s about what you choose to believe about yourself. You CAN change the story. You CAN be exactly the woman you’ve been wanting to become. Lucky for you, she is already within you. And I want to help you bring her out so she can SHINE!

The work we will do will focus on making you feel:

  • Excited

  • Amazing

  • Beautiful

  • Strong

  • Powerful

  • In control

It’s time to LIVE a life where you are putting yourself front and center. A life where you are taking care of your well being first. A life that fulfills you each morning to wake up with the most grateful heart for your family, your career, etc.

What is for you, IS FOR YOU! It’s time to GO AFTER IT!

I promise, I will not let you fall.

Introductory Call

  • 1 hr Consultation

  • Questionnaire that helps me learn about you and how I can help

  • Answer any questions you have about working with Erica Carter Coaching

  • Complete Coaching Agreement

  • Setup weekly time for coaching calls

Investment $6,000 paid in full or 12 payments of $525

  • 12 Months working 1:1

  • Weekly 30 minute Coaching Call

  • Unlimited support

Schedule Your Consultation

Please Note: Introductory Call fee is non-refundable. Introductory calls must be scheduled within 2 weeks from purchase date, unless noted otherwise.