I came across a post on a social platform that was shaming unmarried mom's for giving their children their fathers last name... Stop making assumptions on people's situations when you have no idea what's going on. You want to sit on your high and mighty horse and judge others... Being a mom is one of the most challenging jobs a woman will ever have in her lifetime. 

Being a single mom does not at all mean that you have to be a struggling mom. You are a powerful, courageous Queen! Don't ever let the world make you feel less than that.



Chicken and waffles and a peach mimosa is how I started this Friday. Sounds gravy right?!  I'd like to think so. For someone who accidentally turned off her alarm, with only 30 minutes to get her 6 year old out of bed, dressed, fed, and to school on time. Did I mention, we've missed the bus 4 of out 5 days this week? Yeah, I deserved that mimosa. Is it summer break yet?!

Aside from my chaotic morning, I had big plans for today. The plan was creating this blog, I've procrastinated on starting for so long. "Today, is going to be THE DAY" is what I kept repeating in my head as I sat down at my laptop.  

A good friend of mine who is a computer genius recommended a few sites for me. Reading her detailed messages left none other than a blank stare on my face, thinking it can't be that complicated. Tuh! THANKS ANNA! :-) The 6 hours I spent trying to create just a few pages would prove otherwise lol. Let me also add that I am pretty tech savvy, but I am also a paper and pencil kinda gal.

So the website is done, kinda. It's done enough to allow you guys in. After all of the setup was done I sat down with my handfuls of pre-written blog posts and none of them seemed fitting. Blank stare again. This is seriously my life you guys! I joke around with friends that I need a white board in my shower, because that seems like the perfect time when ideas hit me. (I really need emoji's on my computer) Haha!

If you've read this far, thanks for hanging in there with me. So what is this blog about? Well, ME! My life, which can be pretty hilarious. If you don't know me personally, know that I am a typically happy person with a dollop of sarcasm, so never take too much of what I say too serious, unless otherwise noted.

People say that I'm inspiring, so I figured I'd share with the world and sprinkle some of those happy sprinkles. Ok, so I'm not as humorous as I'd like to be, so if you laughed, thanks! LOL

In all seriousness, I really wanted to create a platform to share my ideas, my work, and continue guiding women to maximize their potential in life. Whether that be in personal endeavors, fitness, careers, motherhood, the sky is the limit. As women, I feel that there are so many boundaries set by society for what we are supposed to do, how we are to feel, act and look. Life is and should be about living, loving and growing. I continue to work on my journey and have worked with other amazing women who have to push past that mindset to unlock their dreams and start living. 

So, this is me. This is my journey. This is my life. I'm living it to it's fullest potential, and I want you to join me!