Fitness Struggles

Lost. Heavy. Unattractive. Depressed. Insecure. Fear. Anger.

I used to feel these things daily. It was all because of how I felt about my body. I tried failed diet after failed diet. I tried fitness classes, personal training, at home workouts. I tried starving myself, eating small portions of food. I would stand in my closet in tears for frustration and anger that I was too fat or didn’t like the way a shirt fit my stomach or showed off my arms. I faced people asking me months after I had my son, when I was due. I felt like I was forever stuck in this body that I hated looking at in pictures. I would stand in the mirror and pick apart every inch of my body that I wanted to change.


I took action, and hired my first life coach. Initially it was to help me with my business growth, but little did I know was that I was investing in a transformation of my mind that would alter my entire world.

Our minds are powerful and can make or break us. When I came up with the idea of the Fit, Love, Slay group, it was my THING! I was going to be able to connect with women who go through this same sea of emotions I was facing. I was going to be able to show them how I took control of my mind to feel POWERFUL, CONFIDENT, HAPPY, LOVED, ALIVE! I was going to show women how to love ALL of them RIGHT NOW!

I knew I could lead women through the transition, because I made it through mine! I’ve had all the negative thoughts and the breakdowns in the dressing room. I’ve been that person picking away at other women’s photos because of my own insecurities. It doesn’t feel good.

What makes me feel good is knowing that not only do I love all of me, no matter if I have love handles or abs. That is powerful! Power over my mindset makes me feel AMAZING! Too often we let who we are on the outside determine who we are on the inside.

We often feel that we have a fitness issue, which in reality we simply are struggling from a MINDSET issue. When you are in a place where you can discover, connect and become 100% authentically in love with you, you will be transformed!