Hey Girl, I'm Erica!

Truth is, I never believed in entrepreneurship… In 4 years I went from focusing on climbing the corporate ladder, to taking a risk to become an entrepreneur. All while being a single mom in a new state 10 hrs away from my family. Crazy or inspiring?

Over the past 4 years, I’ve found myself becoming more vulnerable. It started with my fitness journey, simply sharing my wins, my obstacles and my truths online. I only joined for the discount. Isn’t that always how it starts lol. That journey transformed my life. My role as a fitness coach quickly started to evolve into what you see today as The Broken Diet.

It wasn’t until I was knee deep in the fitness industry that I started to really see how toxic it really had become for women. Losing 10 lbs and buying a new car simply wasn’t the key to the happiness these women were so desperately seeking. I’ve had conversations with women who seemed like they had life all figured out, but was so empty on the inside. These women knew how to hustle, and how to get fit, and how to #MOMSOHARD but couldn’t quite understand why happiness didn’t come with her winnings.

Truth is we can’t escape this image society has constantly shoved in our faces of what a woman should look like. How a woman should act. What she should wear, etc. To the point that we don’t often question what WE want. What makes US happy.


Every Thursday, I would break my diet, because it was TGIT and it was my me time to watch Shondaland and drink a glass of red wine…or two. Every Thursday, I would order pizza for dinner, because it was the end of the week and I was exhausted. And every Thursday, I would say “I’ll start over on Monday.” As horrible as it sounds, it is so many women’s realities, and it’s heart breaking.

Cue The Broken Diet. What I’ve found is that, as women we have to stand up and break the cycle to get what we want and what we deserve. Doing things outside of the box, and being exactly who we were born to be. Following our heart-led desires, and kicking the comparison games to the wayside.

Your happiest life is right within your reach. You just have to decide to grab it. I know, it sounds super cliche' but I know from experience, because I was that girl longing for a life I never thought I could have, until I realized that all I had to do was start creating it.

I finally gave in after watching other women “crack the code” to true happiness and break the chains of expectations the world had on them. I started feeling inspired that if they could do this and live life on their terms, then surely I could as well.

One tiny, but HUGE SCARY step after another, I found myself unlocking bits and pieces of my happiness. The life I'd been needing a"break" from, turned out to be pretty freaking amazing.

It's time to BREAK FREE and create the life, love and happiness that you've been desiring. But the good news is, you don’t have to wait until Monday!

Meet local women | Yoga | Shop | Create Self Confidence


Mindset Energy Evolution 

M.E.E. Day brings together local women through a relaxing yoga session, confidence workshop, good eats and positive vibes! Sound like your kinda party?

Women need the energy of other women to surround her, it's the laws of nature. When women come together amazing things are possible. M.E.E. Day was created to fill the gap of networking events for women who are looking for friendships verses on a mission to hand out business cards. This event is for women seeking her tribe of local like-minded women to release, rejuvenate, and grow.


Behind the mic…

The Broken Diet Podcast is for women who are ready to create a powerful new story to uplevel her life, love and happiness. For women who want to stand firm in her beliefs, gain clarity of her purpose, and create a mindset to unapologetically love all of her!

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