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Hey girl, I’m Erica

You know how they say people who spend all their energy judging others are just showcasing their own insecurities? Yeah, well that used to be me.

Truth is, I spent many years deep in depression and hating this “dream” of climbing the corporate ladder. I wouldn’t accept my new mombod, and would later find out that my series of fad diets would cause more damage than good. I was surrounded by dead relationships and people who were content complaining about their lives, but doing nothing to change it. There I was, standing right in the heart of the crowd.

4 years ago things started to turn around for me. I went from swimming in my sea of insecurities: Body insecurities; Relationship insecurities; Financial insecurities…the list goes on. To finding myself diving deep into personal development, that was after I first talked about how stupid and pointless it was *eye roll*. I’ve always been one that loves research and learning the why’s and what’s, about any and everything. I’m a bit of a research junkie, that’s sometimes a blessing and a curse. I was unknowingly opening a door to some deep rooted issues I didn’t know I needed to addressed.

Through this process of self awareness I started becoming more open about my life and vulnerable about my experiences. This soul work opened me up to attract the people I was so desperately needing in my life. I began creating new relationships with people who wanted more from life. Those small shifts had me yearning for a life of endless possibilities, and relationships that made me happy. I would later find myself indulged in atmospheres filled with people who were loving life and thriving. This was the first time in my life that I felt in control and ALIVE!

Life Coaching

I cringe at the word Life Coach, but it’s effective lol. Being a life coaching client changed my life, and becoming a Life Coach transformed my world. I take pride in helping women who once felt like life was driving them and they had no control, to blossoming into this woman who goes after and asks for exactly what she wants and demanding what she deserves. What I’ve found in my practice is that many people are seeking a permission slip to live a life that fulfills them. So many women are afraid to live the life they really want from fear of judgement. In my practice I show busy women who are using their busyness as an excuse to avoid self care and growth, how to slow down and enjoy life. We will work together to get to the root of your unhappiness, leaving you with a sense of freedom and fulfillment that will give you a whole new perspective of life.

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Mindset Energy Evolution 

M.E.E. Day brings together local women through a relaxing yoga session, confidence workshop, good eats and positive vibes! Sound like your kinda party?

Women need the energy of other women to surround her, it's the laws of nature. When women come together amazing things are possible. M.E.E. Day was created to fill the gap of networking events for women who are looking for friendships verses on a mission to hand out business cards. This event is for women seeking her tribe of local like-minded women to release, rejuvenate, and grow.

M.E.E.’d UP 757

Local guide to events in Hampton Roads created for women, by women, to grow her mindset, align her energy, and evolve in multi-dimensional environments that serves her and her purpose.

FINALLY!!! A platform we’ve been missing in Hampton Roads!!
— Said every woman in the 757


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Behind the mic…

The Broken Diet Podcast is for women who are ready to create a powerful new story to uplevel her life, love and happiness. For women who want to stand firm in her beliefs, gain clarity of her purpose, and create a mindset to unapologetically love all of her!

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