Hey Girl, I'm Erica!

I'm so glad you found me, I've been waiting for you!

Not a typical website "About" page, because I'm not your typical gal.

I hope you didn't land on this page thinking you were about to score the newest Hollywood details on dieting. Spoiler alert, the Broken Diet isn't a diet at all.

Shame on me for the hidden message right?!

The Broken Diet is about breaking the cycle as women. Doing things outside of the box, and being exactly who we were born to be, before society screwed us up.

What do I mean? So glad you asked! Do you ever find yourself craving that highlight reel you see on social media? Have you ever asked yourself, what can I do to get just a piece of that life?

Girl, I can totally relate, along with the other billions of women in the world. From the bodies, to the friendships, relationships, families, vacations. To feeling stuck in a 9-5 that barely pays the bills only to regret when Monday rolls back around. We just need a BREAK from our life, just for a little bit.

I was the single hot mess mom. My relationship was failing. I hated my body. I envied other's happiness, and I was losing faith if I could ever truly be happy. Not to mention all of the pressure that the world was "watching" me fail and judging me.

Well, the secret is OUT...

The glamorous life you are craving is right in your reach, you just have to decide to grab it. I know, it sounds super cliche' but I know from experience, because I was that girl longing for a life I never thought I could have, until I realized that all I had to do was start creating it.

I finally gave in after watching other women 'crack the code' to true happiness and break the chains the corporate world had on them. I started feeling inspired that if they could do this and live life on their terms, then surely I could as well.

One tiny, but HUGE SCARY step after another, I found myself unlocking bits and pieces of my happiness. And let me tell you, the life I'd been longing to hand off to someone else for a "break", turned out to be pretty freaking amazing.

So in true Erica fashion I wanted others to see how amazing your world really is and how we have the choice to make it our own. It's time to BREAK FREE and create the life, love and happiness that you've been desiring.

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Mindset Energy Evolution 

M.E.E. Day brings together local women through a relaxing yoga session, confidence workshop, good eats and positive vibes! Sound like your kinda party?

Women need the energy of other women to surround her, it's the laws of nature. When women come together amazing things are possible. M.E.E. Day was created to fill the gap of networking events for women who are looking for friendships verses on a mission to hand out business cards. This event is for women seeking her tribe of local like-minded women to release, rejuvenate, and grow.


Behind the micโ€ฆ

The Broken Diet Podcast is for women who are ready to create a powerful new story to uplevel her life, love and happiness. For women who want to stand firm in her beliefs, gain clarity of her purpose, and create a mindset to unapologetically love all of her!

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