Helping women create a happier, healthier relationship with herself and those around her!


Hey Girl, I'm Erica!

Do you ever find yourself craving that highlight reel you see on social media? Have you ever asked yourself, what can I do to get just a piece of that life?

Girl, I can totally relate, along with the other billions of women in the world. From the bodies, to the friendships, relationships, families, vacations, the list goes on. Even though we know behind the scenes everyone has ups and downs, we still want a piece of that life anyway!

Well, the secret is OUT...

It all starts with YOU! I know, it sounds super cliche' but I know from experience, because I was that girl.

I was the total hot mess mom, my relationship was failing, I hated my body, I envied other's happiness, and I was losing faith if I could ever truly be happy. 

Through my own journey to unlock my happiness, I help women own their mindset. We work through negative beliefs that are keeping you from growing. Help you create thriving relationships that serve you. BREAK FREE of that inner mean girl and create the life, love and happiness that you've been desiring.


Meet local women | Yoga | Shop | Create Self Confidence


Mindset Energy Evolution 

M.E.E. Day brings together local women through a relaxing yoga session, confidence workshop, good eats and positive vibes! Sound like your kinda party?

Women need the energy of other women to surround her, it's the laws of nature. When women come together amazing things are possible. M.E.E. Day was created to fill the gap of networking events for women who are looking for friendships verses on a mission to hand out business cards. This event is for women seeking her tribe of local like-minded women to release, rejuvenate, and grow.



Behind the mic…

The Broken Diet Podcast is for women who are ready to create a powerful new story to uplevel her life, love and happiness. For women who want to stand firm in her beliefs, gain clarity of her purpose, and create a mindset to unapologetically love all of her!


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